Technical Support

Technical Support


  • Analysing and solving technical problems: for example, difficulties in preparing fabrics or dyeing problems such as staining or unevenness;
  • proposing new technical application solutions and highly innovative solutions aimed at anticipating and meeting customer demands;
  • cutting customer production costs integrated proposals designed to optimise the whole dyeing process;
  • proposing fashion effects: proposal of finishing processes on customers’ fabrics or yarns to develop fashion items;
  • constant monitoring of customer needs;
  • colour matching: reproduction of colour shades on customer items;
  • development of ad-hoc items on specific customer demands.

Quality controls:

  • performed by our internal laboratory.


  • customer support in applying our auxiliary products and dyestuffs: our laboratory technicians will work with customers to perform factory tests directly on their goods and equipments;
  • verifying application results of the auxiliaries and dyestuffs we supplied: compatibility tests among auxiliary products and dyestuffs employed; wettability, detergency, dispersibility tests, etc.;
  • analysis and control testing: tests performed on products customers will sell. Our many tests include: general wet fastness, light fastness, light fastness for furniture and automotive items, etc.

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