Quality Controls

Quality Controls

Quality Controls:

  • state-of-the-art equipment: HPLC, FTIR spectrophotometer, etc.;
  • raw material quarantine until admittance: raw materials cannot enter the production cycle until each batch we received has been checked and approved by our laboratory, after several chemical/physical and applicative tests, such as: relative density, dustiness, compliance to IR spectra, active substance contents, cloud point, strength and shade assessment, solubility assessment, dispersibility assessment, compliance to HPLC spectra, etc.;
  • finished product control for dyestuffs and auxiliaries: any dyestuffs undergoes several treatments, from batch homogenisation to de-dusting treatments and adjusting to reference standards. An automatic system blocks product release until approval by the laboratory. Auxiliary product chemical/physical characteristics are tested against our pre-set standard parameters, and auxiliaries are not released for sale until quality control laboratory approval.
  • ecological and toxicological controls to ensure full compliance with the provisions in force.

Quality Control Reports:

  • analysis certificate for each production batch;
  • technical chemical/physical specifications;
  • application analyses;
  • process standardisation;
  • product standardisation;
  • batch reproducibility.

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