History and philosophy

History and Philosophy

1978: let's go

The many textile companies operating in the Biella area show an ever growing need for dyestuffs and specialised technical support.

FARBOTEX meets the challenge and is founded as a company dealing in mass consumer goods from foreign markets.

1983: the Candelo plant

The market is growing and asking for quality products combined with complete and personalised service.

In order to offer efficient solutions in both respects, FARBOTEX moves on from marketing alone to production and standardisation.

1994: the development

The textile district is asking for more again.

FARBOTEX moves to its present Cerione facilities and increases its internal capabilities by creating a research and development laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, with an aim to ensure constant quality control and offer customers more and more appropriate technical support.

1997: certification

FARBOTEX achieves the ISO 9001 certification.

2001: auxiliary products

In order to offer a service wich is more complete every day, FARBOTEX introduces a full range of auxiliary products, dedicating to it a new department, a new laboratory and a new experienced work force.


More than 500 customers choose tha FARBOTEX quality.

Look for them in Italy, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Our Philosophy

Quality, Innovation, Respect for the environment


Quality: product and service.
We can offer a 100% guarantee to our quality, because our small size enabled us to impart this value to each member of our team.
Putting this value into practice has been our daily commitment for over 25 years.


Thanks to our constant research for competitive materials and suppliers, and our investments in human resources, we can offer all classes of dyestuffs, and a full package of auxiliaries suitable for dyeing and finishing any fibre.
The careful listening to the needs of the market allows us to “tune” our offer to make it more competitive and cutting edge.


Quality also means respecting the environment.
That’s why we stopped stocking mutagenic products, we cut down disposal of dyestuffs in the environment with the best kinds of de-dusting agents, we increased the degree of fixation by carefully choosing dyestuffs in order to reduce the need for waste water treatment and, finally, we developed new compounds and blends, and innovative dyeing processes to protect quality in textile fibres and in the lives of people who wear them.

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